As part of the celebration of Bayside School’s 40 Year Anniversary in 2012, two local photographers were commissioned to produce a photo essay of daily life in the school.

The photographers were David Parody and Neville Zammit who spent three days in the school with an “access all areas pass” with the only brief being to record life at Bayside.

It was 30 years since David left Bayside as a student and he returned with the same apprehension as if he had detention to do. David stated:

“It has been a very satisfying project to be asked to do. I found that the commitment shown by teachers to pupils is unwavering, and students are much better behaved than what I recall of school. But at the end of the day both teachers and especially students provided some great moments to record.”

It is not also long since Neville left school but had the following to say:

“To be asked to take part in this project was a great opportunity to re-visit my old school and see life there as an outsider. The students proved to be especially good subjects to work with, whether they were trying their utmost to be in the frame or completely oblivious to the fact that a camera was being pointed at them. The rapport between the students and the teachers was particularly interesting and capturing this, together with the variety of subjects undertaken at the school, made the project especially satisfying.”

Kieran Williamson, who had the idea of inviting David and Neville to take the pictures, says:

“I was in the first intake to Bayside Comprehensive in 1972 and now I am back as a teacher. The majority of all men in Gibraltar have been to Bayside and each has his own story to tell.
These images will no doubt bring back lots of emotions and memories – some good, some bad – and in this sense, you are reminded that “some things never change”.

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