The School has a clear set of principles governing the standards of conduct and discipline expected from our students.

The Aims of our Behaviour Management Policy are:-
(a) To develop in students a sense of self-discipline, and the awareness that good or bad behaviour arises out of their choice.
(b) to create the conditions for effective learning.
(c) to improve the quality of personal relationships based on mutual respect.
(d) to provide an orderly, relaxed, pleasant atmosphere in which students and teachers can give of their best.

• Tolerance towards the views and feelings of others (including religious, racial, cultural and political differences).
• Respect for our own and other people’s property.
• Care for the safety and comfort of others.
• Concern for the school environment.
• Courtesy and good manners.
• Loyalty, honesty and truthfulness.

Aggressive behaviour (which might include acts of violence, bullying or deliberate vandalism) will not be tolerated and is liable to severe sanctions including suspension and, in extreme cases, long-term exclusion from school.

Smoking is a serious health hazard and it is therefore prohibited throughout the school and in the vicinity of the school premises.

Regular attendance at school until the age of 15 is required by law. Legitimate absence should be backed by a medical certificate or a note from parents explaining the reason for the student’s absence. This must be done either prior to the student’s return to school or as soon as he rejoins his class.

The school expects a high degree of punctuality from everyone. The punctuality of students is regularly monitored and parents will be informed in the case of persistent latecomers. Your support in such circumstances is of crucial importance.