All students are offered the opportunity to remain in school during the lunch hour where they will be supervised by lunchtime supervisors and senior members of staff.

This provision is made subject to the following conditions:

• The student will need to be provided with a packed lunch which he should bring with him to school every morning.
He will not be allowed to leave the school premises at any time to buy lunch.
• He will be expected to eat in a civilised manner and dispose of his own rubbish properly.
• He will also be expected to follow the instructions of the lunchtime supervisors at all times and abide by all school rules
• Should he fail to meet the above requirements, the school will ask parents to make other arrangements for his supervision during the lunch hour. He will not be allowed to remain in school during this time.
• If he needs to take any medication during the lunch hour, the school should be informed in writing by his parents.

If a student will not be remaining in school at lunchtime, he should ensure that he is back in school by 1.40pm at the latest, in good time for the start of the afternoon session.