The school has made some changes to our uniform.

Currently the uniform is as follows:
• White plain shirt or white polo shirt, preferably with school badge.
• Grey trousers.
• Conventional black or brown shoes (not trainers).
• Navy blue sweatshirt or jumper, preferably with school badge, over shirt.
• Navy blue zip-up fleece, preferably with school badge

For games:

• White plain T-shirt.
• Black or white shorts.
• Blue or black plain tracksuit bottoms; blue or black tracksuit top or navy blue sweatshirt.

We have now allowed the following:
• Plain navy blue hoodie, preferably with school badge
• Navy blue tracksuit, preferably with school badge. (Available as from September 2015 from local suppliers).

Summer uniform
• Plain navy blue shorts
• White plain shirt or white polo shirt, preferably with school badge
• Plain canvas shoes

Students in Years 12 & 13 may wear a navy blue polo shirt.

• Items of clothing made of denim, jeans or similar material are not allowed.
• All other garments worn to school (jackets, anoraks, coats) should be plain.
• Any garment or item of dress that makes reference to illegal drugs is not allowed.

Bead chokers, necklaces, earrings, piercings and rings are not allowed in school, nor is it advisable to bring to school expensive items such as i-pods. The school will not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any such item.

Whenever parents find that they are unable to send their son to school in full uniform they should provide a written note of explanation for him to present to his form tutor at registration. Again, the Student Planner is useful for this purpose.

It is important that students come to school adequately dressed in wet weather.

The school has adopted a school uniform to encourage a sense of belonging, avoid discrimination amongst pupils and project a positive image within the community. The wearing of the uniform imparts a sense of discipline, which promotes high standards of behaviour in adult life where often proper attire is a prerequisite. In addition the uniform avoids arguments within the family on what is suitable clothing for school. We therefore request your support and cooperation in this important matter.