The Year 10 Adventure Trip to Algodonales

This visit took place last month in Algodonales, which is near Grazalema, an area renowned for its natural beauty and rich agricultural traditions.

The purpose of the trip was to foster in the boys a sense of team spirit and adventure, an appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of the agricultural traditions of the area – all in a context of having fun responsibly.

Twenty boys and three teachers made the trip. In spite of the heat, we all enthusiastically took part in energy-sapping activities that left us exhausted by the end of the day. The first day involved a long hike through farmland and craggy slopes, ending in a picnic by a river that would have been relaxing if it were not for all the goats in the surrounding hills that smelled the food and wanted to share it with us!

The highlight was definitely the canyoning expedition to the “Garganta Verde”. To get there, we hiked through canyons and ravines that are the breeding ground of the Griffon Vulture. We had to hike in silence to avoid disturbing the breeding vultures. Not a peep was heard!

When we got to the canyon we had to put on our helmets and abseiling tackle. We scrambled over and under huge rocks, natural tunnels, explored caves and abseiled down small ravines. Luckily the ravine floor was mostly dry because the little water that there was was freezing! After about four hours hiking, we returned to base – thoroughly tired out but feeling extremely thrilled and happy with the experience. We all loved it!

The next day was spent at the reservoir, where we built rafts, had a race and then went kayaking. It was a great feeling to fall out of the kayak because by this time the sun was getting really fierce!

All in all, a great time was had by all!

Lots of pictures in the Gallery!