Visit to the Government’s Data Centre

Ten top Year 8 boys visit the Government’s Data Centre

IMG_20140606_102116732As a reward for achieving 100% in their end-of-year ICT exam, 10 students were invited to a tour of the Government’s Data Centre. The tour was given by an employee of the Government IT Department, who very kindly took an hour out of his busy schedule to give the boys a real taste of IT in the real world.

A data centre is the part of the internet where your emails, uploaded files etc etc are stored. The boys learned a few interesting facts about networks and local and international communications. Such was the boys’ knowledge and enthusiasm that the tour organiser wanted to give them a job there and then but he was reminded that the boys still had a few more exams to pass….

IMG_20140606_112441687The tour included a visit to the room where General Eisenhower planned the Allied invasion of North Africa in 1942 as well as the “Situation Room”, which was used regularly by NATO until recently to control operations.