Why I love to dance


By Jerome Celecia, Year 10

In 2006 when I was six I joined gymnastics. But it wasn’t exactly what I wanted so it was suggested I took on some style of dance. The reason for this was because some of my friends, including Jonathan Lutwyche, felt it would be very similar to gymnastics. I would spend 2007 deciding which dance organisation or group to join. I then decided that I wanted to dance and have fun. Not to take it too seriously but enjoy myself with it.

I decided to join Urban Dance with Yalta Pons as my teacher in 2008. As one of their mottos is “anyone should have the chance to dance” and they accepted all sizes and shapes of boys and girls, I joined hip hop. I knew I would like it. In hip hop there were a few boys at that time. One of them, Javan Robertson (same age as me) is still dancing with us today. For five years Javan and I only took hip hop classes. Then Yalta said we needed more technique. So at 14, we joined the advanced contemporary class with Jolene Gomez, still part of Urban Dance.

Then Javan and I, being more open to other classes of dance, decided we should join modern dance in order to widen our dancing range even further. Luckily in February, we both got accepted into the formation team for the IDO European Championships which are being held in Gibraltar in October. When I first joined Urban Dance I only danced one day a week for an hour and only in hip hop. Now I dance five days a week and some classes are up to two hours long. I dance Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern and now form part of one of Gibraltar’s adult formation teams all because I started to dance and joined Urban Dance.

Dance has given me the chance to meet other people. To work with other people and with other dancers. It has given me something positive to do and something which I can enjoy and have fun with.

For many boys and girls it has given them amazing opportunities to do great things. Other boys should do the same and not be afraid of dance. It is also a great way to exercise and keep fit. Yearly, Urban Dance enters Spanish competitions like “Viva tu Sueno” and “Sunny Dance Festival” and perform at various local shows like Dream Girl, Miss Glamour, National Day events, Miss Gibraltar and Summer Nights.

My aim is to continue to have fun with dance and to be a part of this life for a long time.